EPS Lift Pit Liner

Product Description

The lift pit liner is a 1mm propylene/ethylene co-polymer geomembrane. Produced from a resin formulation designed to provide a premium quality geomembrane, which exhibits excellent flexibility, improved elasticity and resistance to puncture. These properties assure maximum multi-axial elongation to accommodate differential settlement. Polypropylene is ideal for geomembrane applications, and major benefits to installation are provided by a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and a wide temperature-welding window. Heat welding produces a homogenous membrane being totally impervious to water ingress. The product lends itself to applications where high/variable water tables, standing water and water creating hydrostatic pressure areas are in evidence.

Technical Information

Tested Property Test Method Min. Value
Nominal thickness (mm) ASTM D5199 1.00
Density (g/cm3) ASTM D792/1505 A 0.88
Elongation at break % G L 50mm 960
Tear resistance (N) ASTM D1004 55
Puncture resistance (N) ASTM D4833 150

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