EPS Universal Gas Barrier

Product Description

CORDEN EPS Universal Gas Barrier is a monolithic hybrid virgin polymer manufactured using the blown extrusion method. The membrane contains no recycled material, as a result, it is consistent and doesn’t include any bio-degradable content thus providing excellent results for gas permeation. The membrane is also suitable for use as a damp proof membrane.

CORDEN EPS Universal Gas Barrier prevents the transmission of harmful gases and due to the nature of its construction; the membrane overcomes problems associated with membranes manufactured from post-consumer recycled waste.

Corden EPS Universal Gas Barrier is suitable as a radon, carbon dioxide and methane barrier for NHBC Amber 1 situations and does not normally require third-party verification (NHBC issue 20 –April 2016) For Amber 2 situations utilise Corden EPS Total Gas Barrier. Third party verification would be required.


  • Suitable for use on sites contaminated with radon carbon dioxide and methane (NHBC –Amber 1)
  • 4 metre wide centre-fold membrane
  • Premium DPM/vapour barrier
  • Extremely tough with excellent resistance to tear and puncture
  • Compatible with vented systems
  • Conforms to the requirements of BR211, NHBC Amber 1

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