Product Description

Corden EPS GP2 Gas Barrier and High Performance DPM is a multi-layer, low-density polyethylene membrane, reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcing grid.

EPS GP2 is specifically designed and manufactured to perform as a Radon, VOC, air & Moisture protection system.

EPS GP2 complies with the latest codes of practice as published by BRE and CIRIA for use as a GAS BARRIER. Suitable for use as gas protection for NHBC GREEN and AMBER 1 site characterisations.

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It is recommended Corden EPS GP2 be heat welded where possible, with welding carried out by competent personnel with suitable qualifications in accordance with best practice, and guidance contained within BS 8485:2015.

Corden EPS GP2 should be overlapped by at least 100mm. If taping joints, only suitable tape must be used, ensuring application with a silicone roller to remove trapped air. Corden EPS pre-formed details or Self Adhesive Gas Membrane is available for sealing around protuberances.


A wide range of accessories is available for use with Corden EPS GP2, including:

  • EPS Gas Tape
  • EPS GRM Self Adhesive Membrane
  • EPS Prime
  • EPS Top Hats and Preformed Corner Cloaks
  • EPS Protection Fleece
  • EPS Geo-Vent Void Former (25/40mm)