Gridforce GF40

Product Description

Recommended for: Use with aggregates or soil and grass seed , for car parks, road extensions, driveways, emergency access routes, storage areas footpaths and walkways.

Weight handling: Up to 1000 t/m2 (filled)
Detail: 49 cells of 70mm x 70mm per tile
Wall thickness: 3mm
Weight: 1.4kg per tile
Packaging:4 tiles (2×2) = 1m2, 60 layers of 4 tiles = 60m2, 240 tiles per pallet.
Dimensions of pallet = 1050mm x 1050mm x 2550mm
Material: LDP – Low Density Polyethylene, 100% recycled, withstands frost and UV radiation
Natural stability: resists extreme temperatures –30 to 85 °c

10.00m2 minimum sales order.
Please call for discount on orders over 50m2


  • DIN 38412 – Neutral for the environment, lifespan higher that 10 years
  • DIN 4102 – Approval emergency access routes, fire resistance
  • DIN 1072 – Approval for 20 tonne axle load, driveways, road extensions, bridges
  • DIN IN ISO 124 and B125 – Approval for car parks, access roads & storage areas

Product Data:

  • Infiltration Rate >5000mm/hour
  • Run Off Coefficient Range 0.05-0.25
  • Lateral Drainage Void Ratio 20.8%
  • Infill Surface Area >90%

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