EPS Radon Sump

Product Description

The Radoncare and Cavity Gas Vent System is manufactured by a rotational moulding process from heavy duty polythene. The Sump is constructed with a solid roof and base and is provided with 40mm diameter holes in the walls.

Spigots for 100mm pipe connections are provided at each end of the sump but are blanked out with knockouts to allow choice of direction for extract pipe. The cavity gas vent comes with a detachable Polyethylene cap, which can be removed if an extraction system has to be attached.

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The system is designed for two main functions:
1) The system is designed to reduce the pressure of radon or other soil gas-laden air under the substructure of a building.
2) The system o ers a facility to the installation of an extraction system
if required on the basis of subsequent radon level testing or the introduction of safer concentration levels in future.
The Radon sump is designed to be located above the water table in the permeable soil.