EPS Liquid Gas Membrane

Product Description

Corden EPS Liquid Gas Barrier is a ready for use specialist styrene butadiene latex based liquid applied membrane.

It offers a simple, continuous passive gas prevention barrier against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide, radon, ground gas, VOC, air & moisture into buildings.

Corden EPS Liquid Gas Barrier also acts as a waterproofing membrane complying with requirement C2 and C4 schedule 1 of the Building Regulations 1991 for England and Wales.

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Corden EPS Liquid Gas Barrier can be used to protect most building surfaces form the effect of liquid and water vapour, carbonation and as a gas barrier to prevent the ingress of methane,carbon dioxide and radon. As the product is a barrier to moisture it can be used as a DPM on floors and walls.


Corden EPS Liquid Gas Barrier may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. A minimum dry coated thickness of 1.0mm is needed to provide a gas barrier. To achieve 1.0mm thickness, a total of 2kg/m² is required, therefore a 15kg tub will cover an area of 7.5m².